• A tight team of dentists who approach every Patient with passion and vocation forms the success of our Clinic. Knowledge and experience matter most in our work but we also want each of our Patients to feel good with us.

    An individual approach to treatment and comfort of each Patient are our priorities. Your dentist in charge will welcome you and will plan your treatment together with you. The best experts from our Clinic are available for consultation, ready to help you and provide advice during the entire treatment.

    All our dentists constantly expand their knowledge by participating in various courses and congresses all over the world. We also share the knowledge with our colleagues – dentists from Poland, holding trainings for them.

    We are there to restore your healthy smile which makes the showcase for our Clinic.


  • We rebut the myth of a soulless dentist! Every Patient matters to us. Treating you is a responsibility that motivates us for constant improvement. We are sensitive to our Patients’ needs and it made us create a place where you feel secure and comfortable.

    Our activity is based on professionalism and a smile that will assist you any time you visit us. We respect your time and face your expectations.

    A dentist who provides clear answers to your questions. A receptionist who answers every call. A treatment schedule we will send to your e-mail address on the established date. A visit that starts on time. Our professional staff do everything to ensure the comfort of our Patients.

    We do it all for your convenience.


  • Guaranteed Care of

    Prestige dent

    Our Clinic offers Guaranteed Care of Prestige Dent. It is an absolute innovation in dentistry.

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    Our common life paths, medical experience and passion met in our Clinic. When we established Prestige Dent in 2007, we wanted to create a unique place like no other on the map of Lower Silesia. We aimed at establishing a Clinic where your smile would matter most to us, since it is our best showcase.

    In order to achieve it, every day we offer you state-of-the-art technology, involvement and our knowledge. Global treatment standards, state-of-the-art equipment and experienced dentists form the pillars of our practice. However, everything that determines your comfort is of equal importance for us.

    At each stage of our service we care for your health and good mood. In our work we use the latest developments in global dentistry and use proven and scientifically documented materials.

    Your dentist in charge will look after you at the Clinic. This is a person who will always have the time for you and will send you to a specialist if necessary, discuss your results and treatment schedule. The treatment schedule they develop for you will always match your private and business arrangements. Coming for an appointment you can be absolutely sure it will begin on time.

    Our families are also the patients of our Clinic, which makes the best recommendation. We are convinced that you receive the best service at our Clinic.


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